HOWL Supply

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The guys at HOWL Supply aren't your typical powder seeking snowboard brahs. They are a classy bunch with a line of gloves and apparel that are almost as rad as their team riders. After meeting with the crew and doing a competitive analysis, I knew they needed a site that was as sleek and stylish as people there. 

This site was unique because HOWL Supply doesn't want to dive in head-first into the world of e-commerce. They continue to build relationships with the dealers who rep and carry their line, so the site really needed to inform consumers on their brand and direct people to offsite purchase outlets.  

Shopping online is an experience in itself. Honestly, I load my cart with at least two sizes of everything I want, ponder over reviews and return more than I keep. How in the world do you walk someone through picking out the perfect pair of snowboarding gloves? With cool features such as a sizing chart, warmth scale, and by serving up plenty of alternatives of course.  

There's no "I" in team. And this team is world-class. These athletes needed a platform to showcase their personalities and insane ability to tear it up on the mountain. With a gallery introducing the team and individual rider pages, everyone can watch their latest and greatest videos, see their favorite products and get up close and personal with their Instagram feed, which is at the very least...entertaining.